The partners with whom we share this project

Bagos d’Ouros partners have a long-term commitment in the share of this project.
We know that promotiong education is one of the most valid ways to reverse the cycle of social exclusion and this is a cause that our partners share. Only throug h a concerted movement, acting in a multidisciplinary way, with serious partnerships and in full cooperation with the local community, it is possible to promote the social inclusion of the children and young people that we support and that otherwise would not have the same opportunities. 
This is the challenge that brings us together for intevention. If you want to know how to become a partner with Bagos d’Ouro please contact us by email:

Local social partners

The real work is done in social networking. We are greatly privileged that we can count on the support of our local social partners within the six municipalities where we operate, working closely together.

Producers d'ouro

The knowledge of the wine producers in the confined Douro region is essential to us as they have a great understanding about the difficulties and the problems that children and families are faced with.
It is with great satisfaction and sense of commitment that we have welcomed several producers joining the project through an annual protocol, based on financial support,  but also on goods and services, essential to the continuity of our mission.

A Nossa Videira

Producer Bago

Producer Grainha

Corporate Partners

At Bagosd'Ouro, there are also companies from very different sectors of activity that believe in education as a means of social inclusion and support us financially, thus contributing to the sustainability of our cause.

Partner Videira d’Ouro

Partner Videira de Prata

Partner Bago

Partner Raiz

Pro bono partners

Pro bono partners are essential to our corporation’s activity, providing daily support through time, products and services.  They are all vital to our cause, ensuring the proper functioning of Bagos d’Ouro.

Campaigns and Events

During the year we rely on the support of companies that develop social marketing campaigns.  This allows a percentage of their sales to go to Bagos d’Ouro, or that allocate a part of the revenues of the events organized by them.

Corticeira Amorim
Reverses in favor of Bagos d'Ouro the total amount charged to each non-professional vistor to the Corticeira Amorim premisses(€6.00 per visitor).

Reverses in favor of Bagos d’Ouro the value corresponding to 5% of the sales of the soap Portus Cale Ruby Red .

Hotel Vila Galé Douro 
Reverses in favor of Bagos d’Ouro a percentage of the social fund created by the Vila Galé group, as well as the value determined at each satisfaction questionnaire filled in the Vila Galé Douro hotel.

Reverses in favor of Bagos d’Ouro a percentage of sales of the special edition Solidarity of chocolate Pantagruel 70% cocoa.

Six Senses Douro Valley 
Reverses in favor of Bagos d’Ouro a percentage of the social fund created by the company from the hotel's annual billing.

The Pure Travel • Travel Agency
Reverses in favor of Bagos d’Ouro a percentage of sales to the national market.

Campaigns and events