Who we are

Bagos d'Ouro it all began with a dream. The dream of a more just society.  A more balanced, more equitable and above all, more inclusive Douro. Where all children have equal opportunities. Where the new generations have an active role in reversing the cycle of poverty and social exclusion through EDUCATION, the "most powerful weapon to change the World". 
We are privately owned Institution of Social Solidarity in Portugal (IPSS). We started in 2010 with the mission of promoting the education of children and young people in need in the Douro as a way of social inclusion in the region.
With a long-term commitment and a strategy of proximity, we develop personalized work with each child and young person that we support.  We seek to follow their educational, social and familial path to integration in their active lives.
Bagos d’Ouro operates in 6 boroughs of the Douro – Alijó, Armamar, Murça, Sabrosa, São João da Pesqueira and Tabuaço - and we have been working with more than 200 children and their families for a total of about 400 people In the near future we plan to extend the intervention area to two new boroughs.

Today's seeds are Bagos d’Ouro of tomorrow.

"Bagos d'Ouro is important to me because it made me improve my grades and study more. In my Commitment I promised that I would raise my grades and spend more time on my studies.  I tried to fulfill this and I succeeded."
Daniela Pereira
Student Primary School
“I like making this commitment because it helps me to strive harder and get good grades. I want Bagos d'Ouro to continue in my life!” 
Luís Nunes
Student Middle School -2015
“For me Bagos d'Ouro is an embellishment of extreme importance due to the change it has caused in both my study habits and my organization skills. It was this accompaniment that made me realize that I am able to achieve my goals, provoking in me the desire to strive to achieve them. After finding my will, Bagos d'Ouro helped with both my study plans and showed me commitment, teaching me self-discipline. The consequence of the support of Bagos d'Ouro is reflected in the best results I have obtained. Family support itself also influenced my results at an educational level - Bagos d'Ouro allowed me to focus more on my studies by helping my family in Douro.”
David Leite
Ensino Secondary School - 2015
“ (...) During these years the members of the association have displayed an unrelenting concern about me, with the purpose of providing me with what I could never have if I did not belong to this cause. In addition to the financial loan they will continue to give me until the scholarship result is available, I have an annual ceiling that I can use to acquire academic books to help my study and my knowledge.  I am currently improving my English skills at Wall Street English school in Coimbra with the support of this association. In order to improve my curriculum and with a view to my professional future, I will have the opportunity to have a competent tutor and aquire summer internships that will bring me experience in the area.
Being part of Bagos d'Ouro is an incredible opportunity, one that has had a brutal impact on my academic life.  It is with great pride that I belong to this association.”
Inês Rodrigues
Ensino University - 2015
“Bagos d 'Ouro has helped me, better organize the house, take care of my daughters and help them.   These are the most important things. The accompaniment of Bagos d'Ouro is a help and makes my daughter study more and get better grades. Bagos d'Ouro organized a support teacher for my daughter, as well as books and supplies for school and even a desk to study better. They also arranged for a "godmother" (ie mentor) whom my daughter likes very much.”
Catarina’s Mother
“The Association Bagos D'Ouro has been providing a service of social proximity of excellence in our county. It has effectively combated child poverty in its socio educational aspect.  It has given real opportunities to children and young people with recognized value and potential. Enabling access to education and culture, that otherwise, given the needs of their families, would be barely accessible to them. In addition, The Bagos D'Ouro Association has always been a true partner in all the projects designed in the borough of São João da Pesqueira in favor of development and social cohesion. There is so much more I could add, thank you Bagos D'Ouro!”
Delfina Tavares
São João da Pesqueira Borough Council
“What strikes me most is the immediate response that this association has when it is indicated a situation of risk.  It is in this velocity that the Bagos d'Ouro is different.”
Elisa Maia
Teacher, Tabuaço School Group
Maria do Céu Conde
“It is greatly satisfying to see how the children of Bagos d 'Ouro are born.  Full citizens, capable of pursuing their dreams.  Replicating them in those who they will cross throughout their lives.”
Maria do Céu Conde
Teacher, Sabrosa School Group
"Those who are supported today will certainly be the ones who will most support those who need them tomorrow ... A huge thank you for this opportunity and experience, and for reminding me to assist in your help."
Paulo Vaz

The Impact of a Long-term Work

Since 2010 we have an active role, involving the entire local community, creating a supportive learning environment that integrates the child and family into school and community.
Through the defined indicators it is possible to gauge the impact of our action. In the academic year 2018/19 we obtained: 

of school success rate
fulfilled Bagos d'Ouro commitments
of children and  young pople with Good, Very Good or Exceptional school performance
of students rose or maintained the annual global average (positive)

Bagos d'Ouro as and organization

The Bagos d'Ouro Association was founded in August 2010 by the initiative of Luísa Amorim, with business history in the Douro, and Fr. Amadeu Castro, recognized by the high social dynamism in the parish of Trevões and in the borough of S. João da Pesqueira.


President | Luisa Alexandra Ramos Amorim
Vice President | Amadeu da Costa e Castro
Secretary | Sara Teixeira Rêgo de Oliveira Balonas
Treasurer | António Jorge Marquez Filipe
Board Member | Rui Jorge Teixeira de Carvalho Pedroto
Board Member | António Augusto Fontainhas Fernandes 
Board Member| Maura Martins Marvão Simões da Costa
Alternate Director| Jorge Franscisco de Oliveira Maia e Queiroz Machado

General Assembly

President | José António Sarsfield Pereira Cabral
1st Secretary | Maria Joana Machado Lima de Martins Mendes
2nd Secretary | Sogevinus Fine Wines, SA 

Governance Committee

Presidente |  António José Lima Costa
Secretary | Vasco Barbosa Gama da Cunha Coutinho
Board Member | Miguel Rui Serafim Rocha Martins

Honorary Commission

Mrs.Isabel de Bragança
Fernando Hélio Delgado Loureiro

The Team

General Coordinator | Maria Inês Peixoto Taveira Avides Moreira
Social Coordinator | Mafalda Ulrich Ferreira Ferrão Ribeiro Pinto
Local Social Coordinator | Carla Sofia Ramos de Sousa
County Manager | Eduardo Martins de Pinho
County Manager | Susana Maria da Gama Lourenço
County Manager | Lara Sabrina de Matos Guerra
County Manager | Helena Bárbara Mesquita Queirós
County Manager | Catarina Inês Ramos Pinto
Partnerships and Fundraising | Mariana Rodrigues Neves
Operational Backoffice | Ana Sofia Bragança de Miranda Azevedo Caramalho


NEV - Strategic Nucleus of Volunteers

We also count on the committed collaboration of a team with highly qualified professionals, in different areas (such as health, education, architecture, communication and marketing and information systems), which are part of our Strategic Volunteer.

Center Report & Accounts

Na Bagos d'Ouro estamos totalmente comprometidos com a transparência e com a sustentabilidade económica e financeira.

Todos os anos partilhamos os nossos resultados através do Relatório & Contas, as pequenas e as grandes conquistas alcançadas com as nossas crianças e jovens e os projetos educativos para o futuro.

As contas da Bagos d'Ouro são certificadas pela sociedade Grant Thornton & Associados, SROC, Lda.    
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